Headquartered in Singapore, L.D. Waxson (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1986 as a multinational that specializes in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of skincare products. Equipped with a team of scientific professionals, the company continuously launch innovative beauty products to lead the world’s beauty trend. The company’s unremitting efforts earned itself the 12th position in the Singapore Top 50 Enterprises 2005.


Pursuant to the company’s mission statement–‘to be a loving innovative organization so as to bring youthfulness, beauty, good health and cultured disposition to the society’–the company has been striving to develop advance skincare technology as well as innovative beauty products. In October 2002, the company launched Bio-essence series in Singapore and Malaysia, highlighting the 4 highly effective products of Face Lifting Cream, Radiant Youth Essence, Deep Exfoliating Gel & Eye contour Lifting Serum and quickly building up exceptional brand awareness and reputation in Malaysia and Singapore!


In August 2004, the company organized the unprecedented ‘100 Peoples Challenge – The Miracle of Face lifting Cream’ for the first time at Suntec City, Singapore where 100 people took up the challenge and witnessed by consumers, reporters and media representatives. Challengers were first instructed to apply the Face Lifting Cream on one side of the face. 10 minutes later, all challengers experienced 0.3 – 1.5cm difference in contraction. The sensational ‘300 Peoples Challenge – Face Lift Without Surgery in 10 Minutes’ in 2005 entered the Malaysia Book of Records. The ‘100 Peoples Challenge – Remove Eye Bag Without Surgery’ was held in Singapore again on August 14th 2006. Subsequently, the all-time ‘300 Peoples Challenge – Remove Eye Bag Without Surgery’ was held in Malaysia and was captured in the Malaysia Book of Records. The ‘100 Peoples Challenge – Face Lift Without Surgery in 10 Minutes’ was held in Hong Kong in 2007. Bio-essence has become an exuberant brand in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong by then. After 3 years of market penetration, Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream have become the No.1 sales products in Singapore!


According to a market survey by AC Nielsen, Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream has led the Singapore skincare market since 2004. Bio-essence is the world’s first beauty care company that publicly and collectively proved its advertising appeal on the spot. The marvelous efficacies of the Face Lifting Cream has been proven beyond doubts. “We can see and measure the effect. We can even use the before-and-after photos to prove it!”