Bio-essence STAR RUN 2016 – Bio-essence
Bio-essence Star Run 2016

13 Nov | Urban Park, One City, Subang Jaya | 5KM Route

Bio-essence Star Run 2016
Urban Park, One City, Subang Jaya
13 Nov, 2016, 5KM Route
Performing Artistes
OneFM DJs Live Cross Over

Bio-essence Star Run 2016 on Astro AEC

Subang Jaya, 13 November 2016:  Bio-essence is part of the healthy movement with their 5K Star Run 2016 happening on Nov, 2016. Not only are participants running alongside like-minded peers, a supportive bunch of friends, but they had the chance to meet local celebrities! The event was recorded live on TV with radio cross-overs – in other words: It was BIG!

Pairing Star Run with Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water made this event complete and a memorable one. It’s not just your run-off-the-mill-maybe-it’s-just-water facial mist but it holds 20 different benefits for your face, body and even hair! Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water marries well with humid, hot days especially during a fitness session like the Bio-essence Star Run 2016.

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