Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Cleanser – Bio-essence

Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Cleanser


Deeply Cleanse to Remove Dirt & Impurities

Gentle cleansing formula which thoroughly cleanses and removes dirt
and impurities from the skin. Enriched with whitening and moisturizing
ingredients; such as Tanaka Tree Bark Extract, Camellia Extract, Arbutin,
and Tranexamic Acid, it also helps skin to achieve a refreshed and
fairer look without drying the skin. Upon use, skin is fresher and brighter.
Product Efficacies:
-Thoroughly cleanses and helps remove impurities.
-Cleanses without stripping skin of moisture, leaving skin
refreshed, smoother and brighter.
-With effective whitening and moisturizing ingredients to
improve dullness and translucency of the skin



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