Power Healing for Smooth & Supple Skin

Snail secretion is infused with Bio-Energy Fluid & combining active ingredients to enhance the skin’s regenerative abilities. Snail secretion has fibroblast growth factor. Fibroblast is a body’s constructive crew that helps tissues repair and creates collagen. Bio-Energy Snail enhances better penetration into skin cells as our Bio-Energy technology contains finer molecules to restore the skin’s smoothness and lustre.

Bio-Energy Snail has 6 marvelous benefits:

1. Repairs Damaged Skin

2. Stimulates Skin Cell Regeneration

3. Removes Scars & Lightens Marks

4. Anti-Inflammation to Prevent Pimples

5. Moisturize & Soften Skin

6. Keeps Skin Supple & Elastic

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Snail secretion naturally comes in glutinous and elastic texture that is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it instantly smooth and supple after application.


Snails are first marketed for gastronomic purposes in 1980. However, the Chilean farmers discovered how their hands became extremely soft when handling the snails. Injuries and cuts caused by the sharp snail cages healed quickly without becoming infected and didn’t leave scars. As snails can regenerate their own shell when diseased or damaged in the wild, it was soon realized that what restores a snail’s shell could also repair human skin. The eldest son of the Chilean family has then directed a rigorous scientific study about the properties of the snail secretions to have extraordinary regenerative capacity on human skin.


Snail secretion is collected from snails bred under natural environmental conditions. During the extraction process, snails are selected based on their weight, skin texture and color of secretion and placed under high pressure condition to enhance the secretion. After the secretion is produced, the snail is cleansed and returned to its breeding place. The secretion is treated for its subsequent use