Nutri-Capsulation for Fair, Nourished Skin

Formulated with premium grade pure bird’s nest essence and amino acid Bio-whitening complex for an effective anti-aging and whitening solution, you can now bring your complexion to a new level of ultimate radiance and vitality.  Bird’s Nest + Peptides Nutri-Collagen & Whitening is a new advanced pre-aging series with natural ingredients that provide nourishments to skin to maintain the skin at its initial fairness and tender, with instant visible results

Recommended Products

Skin Consumes Bird’s Nest + Peptides

·       Bird’s Nest Extract – Nourishes skin and stimulate skin renewal, keeping skin fair and bouncy, thus effectively fight pre-aging skin problems

·       Bio-Whitening Peptides – Effectively curbs production of pigmentation, maintaining skin’s fairness

·       Capsule Essence – Rich in collagen, instantly plumps and keeps skin bouncy