Bio-Bird’s Nest Collagen Essence Cream

Bio-Bird's Nest Imperial Bird's Nest Collagen Essence Cream

Bio-Bird’s Nest Collagen Essence Cream

Provides rich nourishment to skin. Not just a moisturizer, this formula is further enhanced with the addition of collagen-rich essence capsules, to replenish skin with ample collagen to keep skin bouncy and fair.



Bio-Energy Complex
Repair, renew & replenish. Increase oxygen intake by 39%.
Shifts skin cell to Energetic.
Boost cellular energy to optimal level.

Imperial Bird’s Nest
A precious ingredient adored by royalties, it is rich in minerals and collagen proteins which helps to enhance skin elasticity and keep skin fair.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
Replenishes lost collagen to skin, keeping it bouncy and supple.

Whitening Peptides
Prevent appearance of dull skin.


With Bird’s Nest Extract, hydrolyzed collagen and whitening peptides, skin is fed with ample nourishments to keep itself bouncy and fair.

Enhanced with collagen-rich essence capsules, which break upon application to replenish the lost nourishments and help maintain skin’s elasticity.

Intensively moisturizes skin to help prevent early signs of aging.

Non-greasy formula glides lightly over skin, keeping it fresh yet moisturized.



Pump an adequate amount onto your face and neck.


Massage in circulation motion until fully absorbed.


Bio Energy Complex™ is our proprietary formula that boosts the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself. By enhancing the in take of exygen , it helps the skin breathe, transforming it into active and energized state. This dramatically increase the efficacy of our vital bio ingredient, Bird’s Nest, for a bouncy and supple skin.


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